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Image by Andrew Palmer


The Atlantis Avionics DCM-1553 Digital Bus Communicator is a data bus simulator and signal analyzer that simplifies the testing of remote terminal devices in aircraft equipped with the MIL-STD-1553 digital bus or variants, such as the F-16, F-18, A-10, and AV-8B. Using pre-established data standards, the DCM-1553 eliminates the need to assemble message transfers or interpret binary codes when testing remote terminal devices. Data standard programs resident in field-installable PROMs translate between digital bus data and engineering units. As an added convenience, the operator can view the transmission in binary format at any time.

The DCM-1553 handles message transfers, error generation and detection, and data transmission with a minimum of operator intervention. The user controls testing operations by touching menu boxes on the screen.

By following a tree of menu screens, the user can access the full range of testing functions and can preset parameters such as message rates, status, and response time. Output messages can be sent as single messages or continuously repeated at a user-selectable rate.

The DCM-1553 gives the operator the option of manual construction of command and data words in binary, decimal, or hexadecimal form. The manual mode utilizes the full range of DCM-1553 user interface features to assist the operator in communicating with new RTU devices or RTUs for which a data standard has not yet been developed.


  • Reliable, simple operation

  • No special programming required

  • Easily adaptable to specific testing requirements

  • High resolution, touch-sensitive CRT for user friendly operation

  • Carefully engineered menu structure provides uniform display and control

  • Communicates in all MIL-STD-1553 information transfer formats

  • Operator interface with RTUs directly in engineering units

  • IEEE 488 interface for computer control

  • Built-in self-diagnostic routines

  • Options:

  • Carrying case for maximum protection while in transit or on the flight line

  • Remote keypad

  • Custom data standards for varied customer requirements


Data Display:


  • Real time update in engineering units, bi-nary, or hexadecimal

  • Response time .25µs

Sync Pulse:

  • Switch-selectable to trigger on command word, data word, and status word

  • Falling-edge TTL-level allows viewing of entire command/response sequence data bits and parity status on first data word received and all remaining words

Transit Modes:

  • Single message, continuous message, 1 to 100 times/sec. user setable


  • MIL-STD-1553A

  • MIL-STD-1553B

  • MCAIR A3818

Error Injection:

Comprehensive error injection capabilities are available to the operator through menu selections available on the set/view errors screens. The operator can simulate a variety of errors in transmitted words, including:

  • Sync transition early

  • Sync transition late

  • Sync type

  • Word +1 bit

  • Word -1 bit

  • Even parity

  • Parity Manchester encoding

  • Data Manchester encoding in any 1 of 16 bits

  • Message +1 word

  • Message -1 word

Error Detection:

  • Sync type

  • Manchester encoding

  • Long word

  • Short word

  • Even parity

  • Word count


  • 90 to 132 VAC or 180 to 264 VAC, 47 to 440 Hz

  • 150 watts maximum


  • 19 in x 83⁄4 in x 20 in (48 cm x 22 cm x 50 cm)


  • 35 lbs (16 kg)

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