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Airplane Wing

Contract Manufacturing

We bring years of experience in design, innovation, problem solving and manufacturing that result in the perfect solutions for our customers.

Our contract manufacturing division saves our customers significant overhead costs, while providing them with high quality products that set them apart in their industries.



We work side by side with our customers to determine exactly how we can better service their needs through the entire product life cycle.  We specialize in full turn key solutions however if only assembly work is required, no job is too small!

We offer any combination of the below services, to fit precisely to the requirements of our customers needs.


We can help with the design of your products. We have an experienced team ready to respond to your needs.


Atlantis Avionics provides companies with a more cost effective solution to producing their products. This allows them to focus their labour on more value added manufacturing, in the end reducing overall costs.


We are able to work along side customers in assisting them with the technical drawings for their products.

Quality Inspections

Each of our outgoing products go through a inspection process to ensure that the products are build to the standards of each customer.


We are able to provide full turn key solutions.


We can provide door to door delivery of products to ensure fast and safe delivery. No more waiting around for shipments to come in. To our local customers, we can provide same day delivery.


Atlantis Avionics specializes in low volume, high complexity sub assembly services that other companies cannot provide.  We believe it is this level of white glove service, that sets us apart from other similar companies, having outstanding quality and the experience. Our continuous desire to strive for 100% customer satisfaction is not just a goal, but is a core value, deeply entrenched in our company culture.


Atlantis Avionics has an experienced team behind them to deliver a quality product. This comes from our decades of experience in the aerospace industry.


Being a small business allows Atlantis Avionics the ability to be flexible as customer requirements change. We have the ability to adapt and rush orders through as delivery dates require. Atlantis is able to achieve this through a flexible workplace, with flexible staff.


The small business aspect of Atlantis Avionics allows us to have a lower overhead than that of our competition, this allows us to have competitive pricing for our customers.

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